Lake Tahoe - fun facts and fun things to do

Lake Tahoe - fun facts and fun things to do

Lake Tahoe is considered a holiday resort all year long, with over a dozen ski and snowboarding facilities, high-quality golf courses, and is located in the middle of a variety of other fun activities including hiking, boating, games, sightseeing and more. In addition, Sky of Lake is a coveted wedding and honeymoon for adventurous couples who want to unite in marriage. With all its greatness in addition to its partiality to gaining interesting interests and sympathetic opportunities, Lake Tahoe is truly a bravura refugee attraction for those looking for an exciting weekend weekend or simply planning a quiet, inclusive vacation.

Lake Tahoe borders two states and lies in northern California and Nevada in the middle of the Sierra Nevada mountain range at an altitude of 6,225 meters above sea level. It is the second deepest lake in the United States with a depth of 1645 meters and is the third largest alpine lake in the world. Known for its natural beauty and adventurous characteristics, Tahoe also has an enriching history of origin.

Historically, the belief that the Lake Tahoe basin was of volcanic origin. The valid theory, however, is that Tahoes basin was formed by breaking fractures into the earths crust. Incorrect fractures cause soil blocks to move up or down. The uplifting blocks are what created the Carson Range east of the lake, and the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the west. Downward moving blocks created the Lake Tahoe Basin, currently located within these mammoth mountain ranges.

World-class ski resorts have evolved because of these earthly shifts and produce plenty of winter fun in Tahoe. Seven of these world-class ski resorts that are quite popular include Mt. Rose, Northstar at Tahoe, Squaw Valley USA, Sierra at Tahoe, Alpine Meadows, Kirkwood and Heavenly Ski Resort. Heavenly is a huge attraction for winter tourism as it is a well-known resort with 4,800 acres of ski terrain that stretches over two states, California and Nevada.

Golf is great in Tahoe during the summer months and early autumn. Particularly remarkable as one of Americas top golf courses and host to a host of great golfing events, including the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship, Edgewood Tahoe is a first class resort conveniently located on the southern shore of the state of Nevada. Many famous personalities have been golfing at Edgewoods extraordinary course.

Another popular Tahoe activity to attend is hiking because there are a variety of trails around the lake leading to the most scenic views that may be possible. Eagle Rock, for example, is a resting volcano on the west coast and a 30 minute walk to the top shows an incredibly inspiring panoramic view of Lake Tahoes rich blue waters. Nearby are the trails of Emerald Bay Falls. These are easily traveled roads leading to spectacular views of the falls and the tri-colored bay. On the eastern shore lies Spooner Lake, which consists of hiking trails leading to striking views of the eastern Sierras.

Boating, parasailing and water skiing are aquatic summer sports that take place around the lake with boat launches conveniently located throughout. The Zephyr Cove Resort on the Nevada side and the Ski Run Marina in California are two places on the Tahoe South Coast that offer skis and small paddleboat rentals for those who want to participate in this kind of summer fun.

With an approximate diameter of twenty and two miles and a width of twelve, Lake Tahoe has a super long coastline perimeter of a total of twenty-two miles. This corresponds to lots of beaches for sunburn or lounging, many of which are equipped with picnic tables, barbecue pots, playgrounds and volleyball and tennis courts. In addition, there are seasonal afternoon concerts on several beaches around the lake to add summer time.

Many times, these same beach spots also work as wedding venues throughout the year. Many loads of engaged couples love the excitement of a lake side wedding in the exciting city of Tahoe. Regan Beach is such a place on the South Beach where newlyweds unite in marriage and then undergo honeymoon celebrations with what Tahoe has to offer.

As you travel around the lake, you discover that many of the small towns often hold craft fairs, which offer a different form of summer and spring match. These fairs typically consist of jewelry, gift items, modern artwork and an assortment of other interesting things. You also find gaming casinos on the north and south coast of Tahoe if you are interested in any quick action. Casinos offer 24 hour entertainment including slot machines, table games, restaurants, outlandish nightclubs and nightly showroom performances.

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