Canadas Yoho National Park is the perfect choice for adventure vacation

Canadas Yoho National Park is the perfect choice for adventure vacation

In terms of spectacular nature, there are few countries that can compete with Canada. Its vast wilderness areas are full of mountains, forests and rivers, making them an ideal setting for adventure holidays.

There are a selection of good destinations for unsafe vacationers in Canada, but booking of Western Canada tours allows you to visit many of the most challenging and beautiful scenery in North America - including Yoho National Park.

One of four national parks in Canadian Rockies, Yoho is an amazing expansion of unspoilt wilderness. It is possible to spend several days there without seeing someone else, giving you the opportunity to enjoy an almost unrivaled sense of calm.

Yoho is famous for its lakes, rivers and waterfalls, which provide some of the most beautiful sights in Canada. The park has more than 60 lakes and large ponds, including the stunning Emerald Lake, surrounded by green woods and surrounded by mountains, making it one of the most peaceful places you will ever visit.

Much less quiet, the parks are two largest waterfalls. A visit to Takakkaw Falls, one of the highest in Canada, will let you witness the spectacular view of water crashing down from the Daly glacier, while watching the Kicking Horse River on the 150 meter wide Wapta Falls.

Kicking Horse runs very quickly in points in the park, making it ideal for rafting. The business is really not too weak, but those who are brave enough to try it will be rewarded with a truly excited experience. If rafting is not for you there are many places where you can try a canoeing paddle.

Rivers, forests and mountains provide the perfect terrain for a variety of outdoor activities. If you travel to Yoho in winter you get the chance to try cross country skiing or ice climbing, while riding, mountain biking, climbing and hiking are among the popular activities with summer visitors.

Hiking is one of the best ways to explore the park and see the wildlife that lives there. As you walk through the forest and the foot, you can be lucky enough to meet a grizzly bears magnificent sight or see some wolves or lynx.

On foot is the only way you can see Yohos most famous attraction. The park is home to one of the worlds most famous fossil fields, Burgess Shale. On UNESCOs World Heritage List, there is an unrivaled selection of well-preserved fossil fossils from the earliest modern animals.

The site is sure to be fascinating for anyone who is even interested in palaeontology, but access is limited as part of the efforts to prevent collectors from taking fossils. To reach Burgess Shale, you have to go on a guided hike over a tough terrain, climb Mount Stephen or across Mount Burgess to Walcotts Quarry.

Its this kind of landscape that makes Yoho a perfect adventure destination for people who like hiking and climbing. You can test yourself by addressing the parks highest peak Mount Goodsir or, if you do not have much experience, try one of the less wooded hills that will take you up to some of the beautiful lakes.

Another outdoor activity is sensible to participate in during your stay in Yoho camping. It will take more than a day to visit everything you want to see and camping in the park will make sure you do not waste the time traveling so you can experience its creepy after dark atmosphere.

Traveling to Canada for adventure travel also gives you the chance to visit Jasper and Banff National Parks and see more of the Canadian Rockies. The parks are perfect places for outdoor activities, with the combination of icefields, glaciers, mountains and forests.

And why do not you end your Western Canada tour by spending a day in Vancouver? The bustling coastal town has a wealth of attractions including Stanley Park and Lions Gate Bridge, but after a few weeks in the wilderness you can find their restaurants and bars are Vancouvers biggest draw.

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